Friday, January 24, 2020

Wedding Anniversaries

Today is my parents' 94th wedding anniversary. Of course they haven't lived to see this many years of wedded bliss, but they did celebrate 73. This reminded me of the huge celebration we had for our 70th last September. I put on a dinner for my parents' 70th and invited all their living siblings and their spouses. Everyone had a wonderful time. It didn't compare with our 70th. The last Sunday of August, we were ushered into the social hall after church. What a surprise! Everyone had stayed and brought food. We were seated beside a table with photos from our wedding day, balloons, a "Congratulations" banner, a gorgeous bouquet (It lasted 20 days!), and a decorated cake with a gold "70" popsicle stuck in it. Everyone else served themselves, but plates of food were brought to us, which we ate while the others circulated and greeted us, many giving us cards as well. We were barely over that when our son-in-law Bill arrived in his coach with his prospective son-in-law on board to wait on us while Bill drove us in great comfort and convenience to Spokane for the wedding--and another celebration of our 70th wedding anniversary. The wedding was in the back yard (several acres) of their home at the base of Mt. Spokane. It was everything our granddaughter wanted. Down the center was a chapel of white dressed chairs tied with burgundy sashes. At the front, a large arch was bedecked with flowers where the couple took their vows. Her father walked her down the aisle wearing a full Scottish kilt, which he wore all evening. The bride and groom, however, hurried out of their beautiful wedding regalia as soon as pictures were taken so they could enjoy the celebration. There were two tents, one for a movie, the other for food. A food truck stood nearby. Giant size games were scattered all about. Tables provided places for the large crowd to eat. Part of the crown was there from near and far to honor us, for the bride chose to be married on our 70th anniversary! Friends came from near and far to honor us as well as the bride. Such fun!

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