Friday, January 24, 2020

Idaho Magazine Article Published

Idaho Magazine published my story "Idaho Icons" in the January 2020 issue. It was about both icons people create with their hands and icons they make out of natural phenomena. My first reaction upon seeing the article in print was pure elation. It looks so-o-o good. After I came off cloud nine, reality struck. My emphasis was on what becomes iconic to people, but what was published became mostly how I feel about nature's icons illustrated mostly with stock photos. There were two reasons for the alterations: (1) The editor asked me to make it more personal, even suggesting (thank you) places in the text where I should do so. (2) The layout editor used only one of my photos and added added seven photos from his own stock. Most of them (lava tube, lava flow, City of Rocks, Fort Hall Replica interior were wonderful. They made my story a big spread, much more important looking than it otherwise would have been. And he did use my "Lady on the Mountain photo, but without credit to my son Sam, who was the photographer, and no pictures of man-made icons. Also, the photo of Bear Lake barely showed any water, and his photo of the Soda Springs geyser was not of that geyser! I think it is one from Yellowstone Park. I am, however, grateful for the space they gave my story and how impressive it looks. I hope I will be able to remember to take and send more photos next time and make sure they are excellent illustrations of my topic. Obviously, the will pick and choose.

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