Thursday, June 7, 2018

I am pleased today to see my story, "Crazy Horse Memorial: a Great Destination," published in the June-July 2018 Montana Senior Independent. I submitted it and another story a couple of years ago, but they got lost in the shuffle when the publishing company changed hands. When contacted, Nan Parrat invited me to resubmit. I am happy to be developing an editor-writer relationship with her and even happier to see my story published. My most recent letter to the editor also came out in Idaho State Journal today. Kent Tingy has been teasing me about the long dry spell without reading my point of view on anything. My excuse was that as I get older I just don't seem to get aroused by other people's opinions as much as I used to. Apparently that depends on how much I am disturbed. An atheist who especially hates Christians and blames the worst ills of the world on them made my hackles stand straight up. Besides, he was scripturally in error, and I dashed of 400+ words telling him so. This was a banner day: two pieces published! Now if I could just get an acceptance letter for my novel about a suitcase back from the publisher ... .

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