Thursday, April 27, 2017

It's the 27th day of April, and it's snowing hard--big soft flakes.  The thermometer outside my back door registers 36 degrees F., and it's still melting on the concrete patio, but the grass is almost covered.  We are promised frost tonight.  We've had the sprinkling system turned on for the summer but haven't had to use it yet and hope the frost doesn't go that deep during this cold snap.  Imagine so much moisture in Idaho!

I need this time to stay indoors just now, anyway.  Pocatello Chapter Idaho Writer's League is hosting the 2017 annual conference in Pocatello on 22-23 September.  This year it will be at the Chubbuck, Idaho, Travel Lodge.  Since I'm the secretary, I'm very busy contacting prospective presenters for the 22 one-hour workshops for that conference.  So far we have workshops lined up for book art, outdoor writing, travel writing, conventional publishing, writing articles, preparing for contests, writing film scripts and play scripts, voice, journaling, and creating a book from getting it started to publication.  We're waiting on presenters for social media, sci-fi, fantasy, self-publishing, marketing, poetry, westerns, using fonts to advantage, and more.

Six years ago when we last hosted, one hundred people attended our conference from all around the state. Quite a few local writers not associated with our organization also took advantage of our invitation to participate.  We hope this year's conference will generate as much enthusiasm and participation.  We put every effort forth to make our conferences the best they can be.  Whether you are a seasoned writer with many publications to your credit or only a wannabe, you are invited.

Surely there will be no snow.

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